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Product Categories

A brief introduction about the variety, quality, and sustainability of buttons offered by NZXTRIM.

Alloy, Brass

Diverse metal, alloy, and brass buttons, from shank to enamelled, jewel buttons, hooks, studs, and more.


Corozo buttons, derived from tagua palm nuts, are durable, biodegradable, and eco-friendly, featuring unique grains and available in various colors.


Kiln-fired ceramic buttons offering durability, elegance, and eco-friendliness.


Natural olive wood buttons offering multiple grains and neutral colors suitable for fashion applications.

Polyester, Bio/Eco

Versatile polyester buttons with thousands of color combinations, imitations of natural materials, and customization possibilities, also available in eco-friendly versions with high percentage of bio-based components.

Mother of Pearl

Premium quality buttons made from a variety of shells.


Real bone buttons made in compliance with animal welfare regulations, offering unique veins and elegance.


Real and fake leather buttons, natural or treated, suitable for any type of button, buckle, or toggle.


Technical, flexible, and lightweight nylon buttons, available in recycled and eco-friendly versions.

Cow Horn

Elegant and versatile buttons made from cow horn, showcasing unique patterns and colors.


Innovative buttons developed in our lab or in collaboration with top universities, made from 100% recycled materials or natural waste products.


Durable and functional hooks and snaps for various applications.

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