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At NZXTRIM Lab, we help clients create and build the designs they dream of. Our team of technicians and creatives is available to designers, turning ideas into concrete projects through an iterative research process and internal prototype lab.

NFC Button

A button integrated with NFC technology.


Exclusive Customer Experience: After purchasing a product, customers can scan the tag to receive wearing suggestions, matching schemes, and even the story behind the product’s manufacture, deepening the connection between the brand and its customers.

RFID Button

This product is designed with PCB and PPS substrates, featuring water resistance, acid and alkali resistance, high-temperature resistance, high-pressure resistance, perfect reading distance, reading speed, and consistency.

RFID Button

Durable: Can withstand over 200 wash cycles.
Applications: Widely used in hotels, SPAs, hospitals, clothing, leather, towels, bath towels, bed sheets, and other textile industries.

Carbon Neutral Button

This product has received a 30% BIOMASS certification from the Japan Organic Resource Association.


Eco-friendly: Made from plant materials such as corn and sugarcane, the combustion of this biomass plastic produces carbon dioxide, which is offset by the carbon dioxide absorbed during the growth of the plant materials.
Carbon Neutral: The measures taken to reduce or offset carbon emissions result in a net-zero carbon footprint, achieving a ‘carbon-neutral’ state.
Eco-benefits: The higher the biomass percentage (%), the more carbon dioxide (CO2) is reduced.

At NZXTRIM Lab, we are dedicated to creating innovative solutions for our clients. Whether you’re looking for technology-integrated buttons or environmentally friendly options, we have the solutions to meet your needs. Contact us today to start your project.

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